Bromeliad Dyckia 'Tarzan', 5" pot

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Origin: Dyckia ‘Tarzan’- Brazil

Ideal conditions: Both plants prefer bright light. Water when top 1-2” soil dries. Although Dyckias have no internal water storage tissue like true succulents, they are xerographic and can survive long periods without water by going dormant. That being said, they prefer frequent waterings during growing seasons. Dyckia's thrive in a sandy, well-draining soil.

Ease of care: Easy breezy

Notes: This terrestrial bromeliad has beautiful darkish-green foliage with a notable margin of fierce gray-white spines. The flowers are yellow and borne in a tall spike.  Fertilize at half strength during the growing season.

This plant comes in a 5" nursery pot.

Safe for humans and pets.


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