Bromeliad Vriesea splendens, 'Flaming Sword'

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Origin: South America

Ideal conditions: Prefers bright, indirect or direct morning only light. Thrives in slightly moist bark heavy soil. Water by filling leaves with filtered water. High humidity welcome. 

Ease of care: Moderate

Notes: Considered an epiphyte, can be mounted on bark.  Thrives with a humidity tray when potted. Will only flower once and will soon produce pups afterwards. The mother will eventually die once done producing pups. Pups can be removed with at sharp, sterilized instrument once they are half the size of the mother.

Scientific research shows that bromeliads can improve indoor air quality after business hours. While most common indoor plants purify the air during the day, bromeliads release oxygen and remove air pollutants during the night.

Human and pet friendly.


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