Rust Metal Planter with 2 x Agave & 1 Gasteria

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Two Agave varietals and a Gasteria plant come potted up in this rusted metal planter box. Its designed for indoor living would be happy to sunbath outside on occasion.

Origins: Agave flexiflora & Agave Inequidens (Vulcan de Tequila)- Southwest United States, Mexico. Gasteria Pallansii var. Pillansii - South Africa.

Ideal conditions: All three plants prefer bright light. Water when top 1-2” soil dries. They thrive in sandy, well-draining soil.

Ease of care: Easy breezy

Notes: Fertilize at half strength during the growing season.  Agave is not safe for human or pet consumption. Gasteria is safe for humans and pets.

Pot: Rusted metal with a plastic liner 18” x 6” x 6”. It does not contain drainage holes.


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